Change in Direction


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Emily de Molly - Change in Direction

  • Made in AUSTRALIA
  • 12ml Nail Polish Bottle

This colour requires a magnetic tool to create the pattern on your nails. Sold separately.

Change in Direction is a bright purple base with blue overlay and a silver magnetic effect. Opaque in 2 to 3 coats depending on your application.



  1. Shake the bottle well. You only need to do this once.
    Contrary to popular belief, shaking the bottle frequently and throughout your manicure, makes absolutely no difference to my magnetics (trust me I’ve experimented with this)
  2. Apply one coat of your favourite magnetic polish to all nails and allow to dry
  3. Apply a generous coat to one nail only – this is especially important. The magnetic particles can only move when the polish is REALLY wet and it will start drying as soon as you apply it. If you tend to apply your coats thin, you are much less likely to see your desired effect on the nail.
  4. IMMEDIATELY use the magnet for a minimum of 20 seconds. Hold the magnet as close to the nail as you can without actually touching the polish.
  5. Repeat this step until desired opacity is reached. (Wait for the previous layer to be touch dry before applying your next)
  6. Apply your favourite top coat if needed and immediately use the magnet again for another 30 seconds minimum. As with above, you will get better results if you do one nail at a time.


  1. Magnetics are similar to holographic polishes in the way that the magnetic effect is much more prominent in bright lighting. In dull / low lighting you may not notice the magnetic effect much.
  2. Keep in mind that bloggers / swatchers generally use nice bright lighting for their photographs. This is so you can see all the details of a polish. But this can also make the magnetic effect appear more prominent than it may actually be in YOUR real life lighting situations. I will always try to include a low light shot in my listings so please be sure to view ALL pictures of a product before deciding if it’s right for you. For me personally, I have no trouble seeing the magnetic effect in all the different lighting situations in my home.
  3. It’s also important to remember that top coating a magnetic can have an undesired effect on your magnetic lines. Most topcoats will allow the magnetic particles to continue to move away over time. It can take up to a full 24 hours for all layers of nail lacquer to fully “cure” and because the magnetic pigments are heavier than the other ingredients, they will continue to move and settle during this drying time which is what causes the lines to blur. In saying that, most swatchers take their photos immediately after application so your end result will most likely not look like theirs.


  • Always do one nail at a time and be quick! If you wait too long your polish will begin to dry and the magnetic effect will not work well.
  • The longer you hold the magnet over the polish, the more pronounced the effect will be, especially after top coating. I like to rest my magnet on something and just hold my finger under it whilst I do other things.
  • I’m not entirely sure it helps but I gently blow on the nail whilst the magnet is over it. I feel it helps dry the top layer of the polish a little quicker and helps lock in the design a fraction more.
  • Hold still. If you move the magnet or your finger around whilst trying to create your pattern, it will not be as defined as it could be.


Emily de Molly is an independent nail lacquer brand located in Canberra, Australia. All beautifully handmade and not just your regular off the shelf brand. All Emily de Molly products are vegan, cruelty-free and 5-chemical-free.



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Images © Emily de Molly


SKU B-EDM-0020
Brand Emily de Molly

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